L.A. the Blog: Collection of Los Angeles Art Cars

Though not unique to Los Angeles, this beautiful city has a collection of cars that people have taken and personalized in such a way that we are sure they are one of a kind.  So without out further ado the blog brings you the first few photos in a series of car photos that speak so loudly they couldn’t be ignored:


The it must float cork car ...

Well, obviously a heavy drinker’s car. Not only does the car float with so much cork on it, when the owner drives drunk he is protected from small fender benders. Wine anyone?

The Nor-Cal hella, hella, hella jeep.

Yes, not only does this car scream Nor-Cal with the “Hella” lights, it also hella is an advertisement for cigs, Camel cigs. L.A. the Blog hopes the owner won the car from collecting Camel cash.

The everything red car ...

This car is made of so many miscellaneous red items that we can’t really classify the car, but choose to call it “Classy Red.”

Cool car

We thought this car just looked rather cool and fast …

Stay tuned for more car fun!

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