L.A. the Blog: Short Film ‘Irreparable’

Journeying throughout Los Angeles our contributor and editor Aaron Howell found himself in the midst of making a short film.  So in another self-aggrandizing attempt at self-promotion we are posting the film below.  The film written and directed by Will Converse-Richter, local Los Angeles film student and general-purpose artist, goes all out in its attempt to paint a dark picture of grief, where bloody reality mixes with the delusional pain of suffering loss.  When we say bloody and pain we literally mean blood and pain.  Did we mention it was dark?  A note of warning, if the film doesn’t disturb you then please contact Los Angeles the Blog immediately and we will put you in touch with our therapist who studies existential psychoanalysis.  The word “psycho” is the important one.  So without further hoopla we give you 6-minutes of “Irreparable.”  Enjoy.

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