L.A. the Blog: Happy Independence Day!

Time-traveling Pirate Surfers!

Damn good holiday to you!

Today, we have no heroic stories – we will leave those for television; we have no personal triumphs – other than finding happiness while working at the mall; and we have nothing reverent to say – we even have a draft dodger here at L.A. the Blog.  What we do have is a few pictures we collected in the last week.

So have fun out there, go see some pretty explosions in the sky, eat some good ole’ BBQ, wave an American flag, drink some beer, kiss your girl, put on some music really loud, shoot a gun, attack the beach, sing the national anthem, peel out in your ride, spend money, build a bonfire, push someone in a pool, scream you love America, and if you need too go to the store and get yourself some!  We love Amerika, it was such a great book.

Butt Paste – happy 4th of July!

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