L.A. the Blog: $30 – Drink ‘Till You Puke, Or Something …

Cruising the famous Hollywood Walk of Stars today L.A. the Blog came across an interesting sidewalk advertisement – $30 all you can drink alcohol.  As it turns out they have all you can drink Tuesdays, the rest of the time you pay top dollar.

$30 all you can drink sidewalk advertisementSo for the hardcore alcoholic and barfly out there we suggest you run not walk to this establishment.  They even have a facebook page where you can post pictures of you puking after!!  It is also good to know Jack lives there, except we ourselves have no idea who Jack, Jose or Jim actually are but we keep hearing those names in drinking establishments.

Last we want everyone to appreciate that the sign is tagged … what a great use of negative space.  Oh, and before we forget the place is called Angels & Kings.  At this moment we are considering sponsoring an contest to see who can drink the most, entrance fee will only be $30 and if you win we will feature your photo on L.A. the Blog.

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