L.A. the Blog Essential Read: ‘Project Dad’ Documentary

Making a film requires so many things, and unfortunately no matter how much talent you have if you don’t have money nothing ever really happens.  Even a student film five-minutes long runs at least a hundred dollars.  Sharon Shattuck, a filmmaker and animator, definitely has the talent.  This writer has been privileged enough to work with Sharon in the past on a few of those student projects, but that was years ago in New York City and much has happened since then.  Sharon’s first documentary short ‘Parasite’s: A Users Guide‘ screened as a finalist for the Student Academy Awards; her animation that premiered at Radiolab won awards; she currently works with Wicked Delicate a production company teamed up with Ian Cheney, one of the filmmakers of the documentary ‘King Corn‘; and her most recent documentary entitled ‘Project Dad‘ glows with such potential that we here at L.A. the Blog get excited just thinking about watching it on the big screen. Her current project needs that one thing to get it off the ground and it is so close!!!  It needs money.

The project described in Sharon’s own words:

Project Dad  (working title) follows Sharon’s quest to understand her LGBT family through a two-way dialogue with her dad.  Funny, poignant, and above all real, the film uses a mix of verité and interview footage shot by the filmmaker, and point-of-view flip-cam footage shot by her subjects, to answer the question, “What is a healthy family?”  Springing from her experiences growing up in a supportive family surrounded by outside misunderstanding, the filmmaker seeks out other children of LGBT families, expectant LGBT parents, family law experts, and politicians from both sides of the fence, to craft a film that is national in scope, and centered on hope and redemption.

With a Kickstarter campaign in the works with a just a few days left to raise the rest of the needed cash we encourage all of our readers and supporters to give the same support to Sharon and donate whatever money they have left after donating to KCRW/KPFK/etc, or perhaps split this years donation with Sharon.  Or just outright cough up the cash.  The project gathered some great support from The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and The Advocate.  It also gained the attention of a Sundance documentary programming associate who kind enough blogged about the project.  The project is a co-production of Wicked Delicate, and please if possible donate to the project.  And with that we have whined enough, pleaded until our fingers bled, and hopefully cajoled you with the big name dropping above.  Below find a short film Sharon worked on with this writer, and if interested in donating or supporting for ‘Project Dad’, or for just more information click here.

UPDATE:  Congratulations to Sharon, her projects got funded through Kickstarter, and congratulations to everyone who donated.

L.A. the Blog: Lemmings CNN? A Metaphor For The U.S.? Really?

While perusing various news sites L.A. the Blog stumbled on a wonderful and irreverent video posted on CNN’s website created by their very own Erin Burnett for the daily news show OutFront.  Before we jump into the video we want to quote what CNN writes as a description of the show:

Erin Burnett OutFront airs weeknights at 7 p.m. ET. Designed to showcase Erin’s unique style–casual, smart, and confident–OutFront stays ahead of the headlines, delivering a show that’s in-depth and informative.

While we admit we aren’t an avid watcher of OutFront and can’t comment overall on Ms. Burnett’s “casual, smart, and confident” style, we can sure the hell comment on this video report entitled “Steering Towards a Cliff,” that covers the upcoming need to raise the debt ceiling, and the likely showdown between the GOP House and the Obama White House.  Lemmings anyone?

Hell, L.A. the Blog can be just as irreverent – Jesus Christ and the Holy Mother of God did she actually find archival footage of lemmings to put in her video!?  Did she actually just compare us all to lemmings!?  It could be me but I think she was really trying to say the Bill Clinton and John Boehner look like lemmings.  Serious though (if I can be serious at this moment) we give Ms. Burnett the award for funniest video of the month, John Stewart eat your heart out!

The language of doom and overhanging sense of imminent, total destruction by something totally out of our control, something larger than woman and man combined, as she talks about our nation’s fiscal debt reminds us of reading William Faulkner, and his personified, indomitable description of nature when it overwhelms and runs wild.  We think her choice of words might be slightly exaggerated and with the lemming video a little over the top.  Makes for good fun though!

L.A. the Blog leaves you with our takeaway from the whole experience, for the report isn’t just a video it is an entire experience to be had down the dark path of human lunacy and intimate look into man’s deepest fears.   Our takeaway – if you are going to use an analogy, don’t use one that will make the animal rights people angry.  All those dead lemmings on TV, poor little things.

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